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as I have this account for my fanart and all, I think I'll take this journal for ranting about things like games and stuff, maybe not a good idea, but who knows, I just need to rant a bit xD

soo, I've been playing the mage Lux-Pain for DS for a while now. I haven't finished it yet, so don't spoil anything, okey?
so about it, it's a really interesting game I got to admit, a bit too much text now and then, but most characters are likeable and the story is original (if a bit too hard to get in the beginning). also it seems to be a pretty long game for being on the DS, as I'm up in 14-15 hours now.

buuut then there is the problem about it. It has the worst english translation I have EVER seen in a game! I mean, sure about the old NES games where the text where really bad..but I mean, this was released in 08 as far as I know, shouldn't there be better translators?! I mean, to begin with, the first big mistake. they keep all the japanese names for the characters, but they say that they live in America?! HOW?! then they say that the people with American names are from Japan?!!? I mean, god, that's just really REALLY stupid!
and while we are on to that particular problem, they can't even keep that right, as they first said that a character was in Japan as a student for a year, and then they ask him about how it was in America!
SERIOUSLY?! have the translator even played the game?!

and yet I haven't even mentioned how much they spell things wrong!
Hart instead of heart.
Balieve instead of believe.
You're instead of Your.

I mean, I'm not that good at english myself as it's not my first english, but even I know the difference between Your and You're!
and also, they can't keep the genser for character! Several times they have called male characters "she"/"her" and called female characters "he"/"him".
and not just once of twice, it happens all the time!

Never before have I felt the need to rant about the translation in a game like this! I mean, it usually ends up being pretty fun with bad translations, when it's Engrish, but this is just bad! not in a fun way!

auugh it annoys me so much, I just had to write it down...

other then that I've been playing Mario & Luigi: Bowsers inside story. It was a fun game and very much like the first and second one in the mario & luigi games! I actually prefered this one over the secoond one, as I saw no point to have the second one on DS, it would work just as well on GBA! This though actually used the DS functions very nice!
though it has one of the most annoying endbosses EVER! I mean, at least let's see that we've made some progress in it! I was surprised when I'd beaten it, as I thought nothing happened!
oh well, it was one of the better games for DS I've played in a while.

Right now I'm playing Overlord! How should I explain it...PIKMIN!! I love pikmin! and this is just like it, just that there is no time limit really, and that, well, you're EVIL~
Though it's pretty tiredsome to play it for a long time, I can mostly just play it for an hour then I get bored. I don't know if that's really a good thing, usually I'm able to play games for several hours in a row without getting tired of them, so yeah, about every stage is the same, just with some different enemies and stuff.

sooo, now I should stop ranting here, I just need to talk about games like this sometimes! It's nice to write it down! so if you actually read this whole thing I'm impressed! I don't think anyone will do it though, it's too much...
I may do this every now and then to rant about games, no matter if they're good or bad!
weill probably be some more next week or so, when I finally get to play Zelda: spirit tracks :heart:


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